It’s not about me ….

…. it’s about you, or is it?

Working on ‘Special Projects’ is a difficult place to be – everyone thinks it’s not a real job! I found myself in this position when pregnant with my 3rd child. The Marketing Director at the time had accepted a position in APAC and was leaving imminently, so someone needed to manage things whilst a new one was hired. I had been in the business for many years and knew the marketing department well so I was not surprised when the GM asked me to me to step in and manage things. Everything was running smoothly right up to the point when he asked me to on-board the new Marketing Director as well.

A new Marketing Director was found from outside the business with a suitably impressive background.   Speculation and excitement about what this meant to everyone was running riot across the department. Everyone was buzzing about the new guy and what he would be like and his expectations of everyone. For me this was very pertinent given my position.

“Would he appreciate the skills and experience I have when I came back from my mat leave? Would my face still fit?”

I needed to impress ….

I knew if I did a good job there was a much higher chance that there would be an appropriate role for me to come back to. Faced with this opportunity, and one where I had a huge vested interest in getting it right, I sat down and thought through what it takes to on-board someone effectively.

As anyone who knows me will tell you I like to go about things in a structured way. So, I set about developing an on-boarding plan that would ensure that the new Marketing Director would get exposure to everything he needed but at the same time would not be overwhelmed. The plan focused on three things:

  • The Marketing Team – who they are, their skills, performance, challenges, skills gaps and open positions.
  • The Marketing Plans – overall strategy, what’s working, what’s not, budgets and investments.
  • The Key Stakeholders – who is who in the zoo and how best to work with them.

We spent several days going over each topic together. We explored what was working and areas for improvement. The most rewarding part of this experience was being able to see the business through fresh eyes and insights. He provided new energy and thinking with a depth and breadth of knowledge that was impressive to say the least.

Towards the end of the on-boarding program he kindly thanked me for my support. Personally I felt I gained more from him than he learnt from me!

Leaving for maternity I was excited about the birth of my next child and quietly confident I was leaving a Marketing Department in great hands. I must have done something right as I returned several months later to a new rewarding challenge.

If you would like to know more about our Marketing On-boarding and Mentoring Service may be of interest to you.

That’s my experience, please take a moment to share yours ….


It’s not WHAT the number is ….

…. it’s WHY the number is the number and HOW you are going to change it.

When I first started in a Product Marketing role this lesson was drummed into me at velocity. Coming from a technical sales background I thought success as a Product Manager was understanding the market place, the product, it’s value proposition and my intended target audience. For the first couple of months in the role this turned out to be true. Then I experienced my very first Quarterly Business Review and the real purpose of my role became a lot clearer.

Wanting to make a great impression I loaded up my biggest laptop with Excel, connected to the sales reporting database and DRILLED for England. Spending 100% of my time slicing and dicing numbers, working out my Qtr on Qtr % and Year over Year %, performance vs budget and forecast. Then I did comparison vs the US, Germany and France. After that I diced the numbers at a Product SKU level. Rapidly followed by a pricing and licencing perspective. I memorised the numbers. I could quite literally recite an entire A3 piece of paper filled with 8 point Arial data off by heart. Walking into the review armed to the teeth I had an attitude along the lines of “Bring it on pal, I know my numbers so let’s do this review thing!”

I settled into the meeting eagerly awaiting my turn. Relishing the prospect of 30 minutes of data wallowing glory followed by accolades on my numeric prowess. The review began and I started my monologue with a torrent of data that rivalled the world’s fastest auctioneer. Only to be stopped after 5 minutes with a question from the boss.

“On the performance vs forecast, can you tell me why the number is over?” my rapid response was “Over performance in Enterprise Commercial accounts, notably the finance sector, with a 22.4% increase in our volume licencing agreements.”

This was followed up with a repeat of the question and my first slap down. “Yes I can read the spreadsheet too. What I would like to know is WHY the customers are buying the product?” Undaunted I ploughed on and promptly dug myself into a bigger hole. “It is the British Market we are 10% ahead vs Germany and 17% ahead vs France, British customers like this product!”

Stillness then fell over the room with a silence that can only be described as deafening. I awaited slap down number two with mounting trepidation. Thankfully my boss decided this was a coaching opportunity. “Understanding WHY customers and Partners are buying our products is fundamental to your role. It allows you to identify HOW best to market the product in the future.”

I took the lesson to heart and never looked back.

It’s not WHAT the number is, it’s WHY the number is the number and HOW are we going to fix it. A formulaic expression being Data + Intelligence = Insight. Putting this into practice I subsequently spent 15% of my time drilling and analysing numbers, 60% of my time speaking to Customers, Partners, Sales Teams, Press and Analysts and then 25% of my time brainstorming and creating marketing campaign proposals based on the Insights I had learned. The lessons you learn the hard way are often the ones you never forget. Taking knowledge from these lessons, and then adapting accordingly, helped make me a stronger marketer.

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These are my views, please take a moment to share yours ….

What on earth are we good at?

What skills and experience do we have? Who would want to work with us? Why would they want to work with us? Would anyone be prepared to pay for services we provided? What services could we provide?

The list of questions you encounter when you are setting up a company are challenging to say the very least. It’s an incredibly humbling experience and not for the faint hearted. In attempting to keep your options open many people will take the approach “I can do everything , just ask!” Quite quickly I made and then realised this mistake. In offering generic services I lost differentiation and my unique value proposition.

I was pondering the benefits and drawbacks of generic vs specialist during one of my daily walks from Richmond to Kew along the Thames Path in England. I quickly came to the conclusion I needed to “Seek first to understand and then be Understood” Stephen Covey – Habit #5 in order to determine the specialist skills and programs I could provide to customers.

I spoke to a LOT of different friends and former colleagues. Lot’s of lunch’s and coffee’s and the odd glass of wine or two. 🙂 I asked for open and honest feedback and WOW did I ever get it. Some were polite and kind, others were not. I listened to everyone and I learned a lot. To all of you that helped me during that time I remain eternally grateful.

The result of these conversations laid the foundations for New Journey Marketing Ltd. Dedicated to MARKETING. Where everything we do is personalised, delivers tangible value and is FUN for you and your team!

Lot’s of companies provide Sales readiness Training and Technical training. Countless Marketing agencies offer Marketing services for advertising, digital, PR and the like. Educational institutions offer courses for Marketing professionals and team building, coaching and mentoring companies offer generic services for everyone.

Who looks after Marketing departments? Who focuses on Marketing Readiness? Who provides programs and services designed to enhance the skills of Marketing teams? Who offers coaching and mentoring for Marketing professionals? Who offers team building events designed especially for Marketing Teams?

I decided to explore this insight with Julie Kerry. Over afternoon tea we discussed the challenges facing Marketing professionals and teams. Discussing the programs and services they required and lamenting the fact that “Marketing Readiness” services were so hard to find.

So we decided to stand up for the rights of Marketing people around the world. No longer would we allow Sales and Technical teams to get all the readiness love. We would empower Marketing team with readiness designed especially for them!

Truth be known that’s not what we said. The actual conversation went along the lines of …… hey no one else is really focused on Marketing Readiness, let’s do it!

Six years later we have run over 75 Marketing Program deliveries in 30 countries around the world providing services to over 500 Marketing professionals. The results delivered are above and beyond our expectations. Our programs are always measured on a scale of 1 poor to 5 excellent and our lifetime average is 4.5.

The comments following anyone of our programs are consistent ….

  • “Very productive and useful for alignment and team building. Original and attractive delivery with fun exercises.”
  • “Fun & interactive session that brought great alignment across different teams & departments”
  • “I loved it! The best planning workshop I have experienced, really integrated approach.”
  • “Everything makes more sense. It gives a sense of direction and order to what we need to do and how.”
  • “Relevance. This is the first workshop with outcomes directly related to my job.”

We now proudly offer Marketing Services designed by Marketing Professionals for Marketing Professionals and Teams. So if your interested in Connected Marketing Planning, Optimised Partner Marketing, Sales & Marketing Alignment, Marketing On-boarding & Mentoring or Marketing Team Building & Development we would love to hear from you, contact New Journey Marketing!

Thank you for taking the time to read our inaugural blog post. We PROMISE the next ones will all be shorter and filled with insights we have learned over the last 25+ years in Marketing. If you would like to know more please take a look at our NJM Blog to read our views and have the opportunity to share yours.


Nick McGrath & Julie Kerry


Life is about choices ….

…. and choices have consequences! When I worked at Microsoft as a Director of Marketing I had the great fortune of meeting a chap called Mike Pegg. A truly amazing man that was able to listen and coach you in all aspects of your personal and professional development. Mike and I talked about some troubling feedback I had received from my peers and colleagues in the company. A number had said I came across as “aloof” and “distant”. I have no doubt many used stronger words too! When I mentioned this to Mike he said to me “Life is about choices and choices have consequences.” He went on to explain that I can choose to wake up each day and go to work in a positive frame of mind OR I can choose to be grumpy and stay in bed. That’s my choice. Correspondingly it’s also the choice of the company to pay me for showing up to work or not! The lesson being turn up to work in a positive frame of mind and your likelihood of remaining employed goes up dramatically! It’s not rocket science, yet at the time it was a message I needed to hear. I then challenged Mike and said I am by nature a positive person and always actively engaged in meetings. I don’t get the “aloof” comments.

What am I doing wrong?

Mike went on to ask me how I walked around the buildings from meeting to meeting! Personally I thought he lost the plot on this question. Humouring him I said “Carefully one step at a time trying to avoid bumping into anyone!” He smiled and said that’s precisely your problem. I was now a fully paid up member of Thankfully Mike rescued me by elaborating.

When you stand up from your desk and walk around the office or from building to building you will encounter other people along the way. If you have your head down or are looking at your phone or scowling lost in thought or walking fast with a determined countenance, people will see you and think “Avoid”. Net result an image of you appearing to be “Aloof” or “Distant” begins to manifest itself.

I spent the evening deeply thinking about the feedback and reflecting on my subconscious behaviour that was now top of mind. I then took a decision to make a positive change and see the results over time. The trick I used was simply changing all the watches and clocks around me and making them 5 Minutes fast. Then when the time came for me to go to a meeting I would walk slower, smile and acknowledge others along the way and happily stop for a quick chat. Within 2 months I enjoyed a massive turnaround in my knowledge and reputation. People began to stop me to introduce themselves and say hello. Others begin sharing news with me or seeking advice and guidance. The results were amazing. I learned a lot and was able to share and support others in equal measure.

Time and attitude can be your greatest asset or largest detractor. The attitude you bring to work and the time you invest in others are often key to success.

That’s my view, please take a moment to share yours.