Joining Cloud Industry Forum ….

…. one of the easiest decisions we have ever taken!

We are a Business and Marketing company that specialises in supporting I.T. Vendors along with their Partners and Distributors. Helping them to DRIVE fully QUALIFIED in market EXECUTION that delivers PIPELINE and RESULTS. And, importantly to answer the question ….

“How do I transition my existing business to the Cloud?”

The Cloud opportunity for Customers and Partners will only become a reality with careful planning, respect and consideration for a customer’s existing investments and support for their channel partners. Ensuring they provide their customers and partners with a seamless path to the new Cloud Solutions and Services they have designed. The number of times I have heard a Marketing Director or Leader make the comment ….

“We need to educate, engage and inspire our Customers with our Cloud Solutions and Services.”

…. and then witnessed the same person ruminating on why their Partners aren’t springing to attention, dropping everything and running with a battle cry towards the opportunity.

When you ask the Partners ….

“Ok what gives, why are you wearing a Cloudy look?” 

…. The answers vary yet have several common themes.

In respect of CUSTOMERS not adopting the Cloud Solutions and Services offered by an I.T. Vendor ….

  • Concerns on Security
  • Concerns on Migration Costs
  • Concerns on Availability
  • Concerns on Management & Operations
  • Concerns on Compatibility
  • Concerns on Vendor Lock-in
  • Concerns on User acceptance and adoption
  • Concerns on Skills and Resources

In respect of PARTNERS not adopting the Cloud Solutions and Services offered by an I.T. Vendor ….

  • Concerns on Margin and Profitability
  • Concerns on Skills and Resources
  • Concerns on Customer Objections and Reservations
  • Concerns on Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Concerns on Compatibility with existing on-premise investments
  • Concerns on losing their Customer directly to the vendor
  • Concerns on losing their Customer to another partner
  • Concerns on Costs for Training new and existing staff
  • Concerns on Return on Investment for new Solutions and Services designed by the Partner

Neither of these lists are meant to be exhaustive! Although you could argue they are exhausting given the I.T. Industry have faced these very same questions with every evolution of I.T. Architecture. Mainframe and Mini Computers to Client Server architectures. Client Server architecture to the Web architecture, Web architecture to Cloud architectures (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS etc…)

New Journey Marketing joined CIF to explore the challenges I.T. Vendors and Partners are experiencing with gaining Customer Cloud Adoption. We have experience in creating and driving into execution Cloud Business and Marketing plans in 30+ countries around the world over the last 5 years (Underpinned by over 25+ years in the I.T. Industry). Helping I.T Vendors and their Partners to be successful in creating and delivering to their Customers Cloud solutions that address the concerns they have and deliver on the promise of Cloud Computing.

We are proud to be joining the Cloud Industry Forum and look forward to listening too and working with its members.

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