It’s not how much you have ….

…. it’s what you do with it!

Why is it that when you are beginning to plan and create an amazing new campaign or launch you face the question from everyone “How much budget will we have?”

As a Marketing Director I often groaned at this point. The engagement and determination from my Marketing team members begins to feel coin operated. As if somehow the greater the amount of money being spent on the plan determines it’s success or likely kudos for the individual. My responses varied from “as much as we need to exceed the objectives” to the flippant “roughly £2.99”.

When my response was then challenged the coaching began. I would use precision questioning techniques to explore the creativity the team had and then push them to answer the budget question themselves. Difficult questions like: “If you had a budget of One Million what approach would you take and what results do you think this would deliver?” Then followed up by “If you had One Hundred Thousand what approach and results” and finally “If you had Ten Thousand what approach and results.”

Then challenge them and ask if you only had Ten Thousand and wanted the results of a Million could it be done? Do we have the creativity and imagination to make the seemingly impossible somehow possible?

If you have the time and patience to take this approach the results can often be spectacular. With an energised team stepping up to the challenge and using their experience and creativity to try and deliver outstanding results at the lowest possible cost.

That’s my view, please take a moment to share yours.

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