I want to run an event ….

…. and we need a new logo and maybe some t-shirts!

If you ever want to upset a Marketing Director this comment is guaranteed. Equally if you ever want to upset a Sales Director pouring scorn on this type of request will bring you into immediate conflict.

So how do you get Sales and Marketing teams to work harmoniously together? Respecting each others ideas and suggestions at the same time as embracing new ways of working together.

I would always aim to start by establishing mutual respect and understanding on the numbers. Marketing needs to analyse the addressable market opportunity for the sales team. Understand the competitive landscape, drill down into the revenue (actual and forecast). Understand the drivers behind consumption and utilisation of the companies products, solutions and services. Above all else they need to take an active part in supporting the Sales team in driving pipeline velocity. Breaking down the barriers that are stopping deals in the pipeline and providing the sales team with tools and resources to over come blockages to deal closure.

Simply creating more opportunities and stuffing these into the pipeline isn’t necessarily going to deliver success. How many times have you asked the question “Where are we on the new leads marketing created for you?” only to receive the comment “The leads were c**p” or “Sorry haven’t had time to review them, I am far too busy.” Insert large sigh and groaning noise here!

So next time you are faced with this situation try something new. Listen to the sales teams suggestions and then build on their request. Transform it into a connected Sales and Marketing campaign by defining and agreeing the customer journey with everyone. Begin by asking open questions. “Who would you like to invite to the event? How many customer do you feel you can get to attend? What do you think they are keen to hear about? When would you like the event to take place?”

Once you have the basics in place then go away and design a Modern Marketing Campaign that identifies the lead nurturing stages involved in getting a customer from point of enquiry following an event all the way to a closed deal and invoice. Define a set of Service Levels and KPI’s assigned to Marketing and Sales on the costs and ROI from running the event. Make sure that everyone aligns on targets for BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timing) Qualified leads, Sales engaged prospects driven into the pipeline and ultimately signed contracts and deployments. After that hold EVERYONE accountable for the targets and results. Shared success between Sales and Marketing only ever happens when you work closely together.

Jointly celebrating success and openly acknowledging areas for improvement on all sides. I will let you decide the merits on the new logo and t-shirts! 🙂

That’s my view, please take a moment to share yours.



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