Don’t confuse activity with results!

A number of years ago I had the great fortune of working with an exceptional PR Professional. She was relentless in her desire to promote the company and protect it’s image and reputation. I can recall on a number of occasions her literally breaking into the meeting room, dragging me out by the scruff of the neck and forcing me to phone a journalist. Regardless of my protests, concerns or prioritisation of other task.

No complaints were tolerated!

One particular day stands out amongst the rest. We were about to go into a review meeting with our PR Agency. A time to celebrate the hard work undertaken by everyone, drill down on the stats, facts, figures and charts and discuss future programs and campaigns. I asked her the question. “What is your greatest concern with the PR agency at the moment” Her answer “They are confusing activity with results.” They need to spend more time beginning the with the end in mind. Keeping focused on the outcomes we are seeking and stop spending a disproportionate amount of time reviewing and digesting our current position.

This comment stuck firmly in my mind. Whenever I now go into a review meeting I ask myself the very same question. “Are the team confusing activity with results?” It’s a simple way of keeping everyone focused on their objectives and stop them suffering from analysis paralysis. Helping them to see the light of insight on the journey they are taking and avoid the darkness of detail that often bogs teams and people down.

That’s my view, please take a moment to share yours.

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